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Build, Own, Operate

CHP Clean Energy’s Build-Own-Operate model means that we assume all of the expense and risk of installing combined heat and power at your facility. We pay for all the equipment, design expenses, installation and ongoing operating expenses. The municipality pays only for the electricity produced — when it’s produced.

  • The Build-Own-Operate Model Mitigates All Client Risk
    • CHP Clean Energy is a strong financial partner
    • Leverage our biogas to energy expertise from design to ongoing operation
    • PPA approach guarantees system performance and pricing
  • No Financial Risk
    • No capital outlay is required from the municipality at any time.
    • Multi-year power purchase agreement provides facility with guaranteed rates into the future and sole access to low-cost energy
  • No Operational Risk
    • Our Product-Neutral Approach Allows CHP Clean Energy to Design the Most Optimal System for Each Application
    • Leverage Significant Operational Experience to Maximize Availability and Maintain System at Lowest Cost
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